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Places of Worship

From cathedrals to chapels and meeting halls, Downtown is home to many churches, almost as notable for their architecture and beauty as they are for the strength of their congregations and the way they enrich the lives of Downtown residents and visitors.

Places of Worship Denomination Address Phone
Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic 123 N. West Street 601-969-3125
Catholic Diocese of Jackson Catholic 237 E. Amite Street 601-969-1880
Central United Methodist Church Methodist 500 N. Farish Street 601-355-7854
Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi Episcopalian 118 N. Congress Street 601-948-5954
Farish Street Baptist Church Baptist 619 N. Farish Street 601-355-0636
First Baptist Church Baptist 431 N. State Street 601-949-1900
Galloway United Methodist Church Methodist 305 N. Congress Street 601-353-9691
Mississippi Baptist Convention Baptist 515 Mississippi Street 601-968-3800
St. Alexis Episcopal Church Episcopalian 650 E. South Street 601-944-0415
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral Episcopalian 305 E. Capitol Street 601-354-1535