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Downtown Jackson is home to Mississippi’s leading arts organizations and support groups. Together they cultivate, educate, and showcase local and international talent, drawing thousands of dedicated performers and aficionados from across the country and around the world.

Arts Center of Mississippi

The Arts Center of Mississippi, a division of the City of Jackson’s Department of Human and Cultural Services, is situated in the Arts District adjacent to the Jackson Convention Complex and fulfills its mission to serve as host venue to art and cultural organizations by providing office and classroom space.
Arts Center of Mississippi | 201 E. Pascagoula Street, Ste. 106 | 601-960-1537

Ballet Mississippi

Ballet Mississippi has a long history of providing exquisite performances and excellent year-round classical ballet training for the Jackson metro area.
Ballet Mississippi | 201 E. Pascagoula Street, Ste. 106 | 601-960-1560

Greater Jackson Arts Council

The Greater Jackson Arts Council serves as a conduit to bring together arts supports, business leaders, and government officials to build a more dynamic Jackson.
Greater Jackson Arts Council |  255 E. Pascagoula Street | 601-960-1557

Mississippi Arts Commission
The Mississippi Arts Commission is an active supporter and promoter of the arts in community life and arts education, offering grant opportunities and services to enhance the arts in the state.
Mississippi Arts Commission |  501 N. West Street, Ste. 701B | 601-359-6030

Mississippi Opera
The Mississippi Opera is the tenth oldest, continuously producing professional opera company in America.
Mississippi Opera |  201 E. Pascagoula Street, Ste. 105 |  601-960-2300

Mississippi Symphony Orchestra

The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra performs an array of concerts ranging from classical music to pop favorites in large halls, outdoor spaces, and intimate settings, starting in early fall and ending in late spring.
Mississippi Symphony Orchestra | 201 E. Pascagoula Street | 601-960-1565

VSA Arts of Mississippi
VSA Arts of Mississippi is dedicated to the development, promotion, and implementation of quality arts programs for people of all ages with disabilities.
VSA Arts of Mississippi | 201 E. Pascagoula Street, Ste. 105 |  601-965-4866

USA International Ballet Competition

The USA International Ballet Competition is an “Olympic-Style” event held every four years at Thalia Mara Hall. The USA IBC draws more than 40,000 visitors from across the United States and other countries to Downtown for the two-week competition.
USA International Ballet Competition | 201 E. Pascagoula Street | 601-355-9853